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  * Introduction
     o Why Another Accounting Program?

  * New Setup
     o Setting Up Inventory Items
     o Entering Inventory Balances
     o Inventory Ledger Integration to General Ledger Issues
     o Setting Up Customers
     o Entering Customer Balances
     o Reconciling the Debtors Ledger Control Account

  * System Conventions
     o Navigating the Menu
     o Reporting

  * Inventory
     o Overview
     o Inventory System Features
     o Inventory Categories
     o Adding Inventory Items
     o Item Code
     o Part Descriptions
     o Categories
     o Unit of Measurement
     o Economic Order Quantity
     o Packaged Volume
     o Packaged Weight
     o Units of Measure
     o Current or Obsolete
     o Make Or Buy
     o Setting Up Assembly Items
     o Controlled
     o Serialised
     o Bar Code
     o Discount Category
     o Decimal Places
     o Inventory Costing
     o Material Cost
     o Labor Cost
     o Overhead Cost
     o Standard Costing Considerations
     o Actual Cost
     o Alterations To labor Cost, Material Cost or Overhead Cost
     o Selecting Inventory Items
     o Amending Inventory Items
     o Changing a Category
     o Alterations to the Make or Buy Flag
     o Inventory Categories
     o Inventory Category Code
     o Inventory Category Description
     o Balance Sheet Inventory GL Account
     o Inventory Adjustments GL Posting Account
     o Purchase Price Variance Account
     o Material Usage Variance Account
     o Type of Resource
     o Inventory Location Maintenance
     o Inventory Adjustments
     o Inventory Location Transfers
     o Inventory Reports and Inquiries
     o Inventory Status inquiries
     o Inventory Movement inquiries
     o Inventory Usage inquiries
     o Inventory Valuation Report
     o Inventory Planning Report
     o Inventory Checks

  * Accounts Receivable
     o Overview
     o Features
     o Entering New Customers
     o Customer Code
     o Customer Name
     o Address Line 1, 2, 3 and 4
     o Currency
     o Invoice Discount
     o Prompt Payment Discount
     o Customer Since
     o Payment Terms
     o Credit Status or Rating
     o Credit Limit
     o Invoice Addressing
     o Entering Customer Branches
     o Branch Name
     o Branch Code
     o Branch Contact / Phone / Fax / Address
     o Sales Person
     o Draw Stock From
     o Forward Date From A Day In The Month
     o Delivery Days
     o Phone/Fax/Email
     o Tax Authority
     o Disable Transactions
     o Default Freight Company
     o Postal Address 1, 2, 3 and 4
     o Amending Customer Details
     o Shippers

  * Accounts Payable
     o Overview
     o Features
     o Entering New Suppliers
     o Supplier Code
     o Supplier Name
     o Address Line 1, 2, 3 and 4
     o Supplier Since
     o Payment Terms
     o Bank Particulars/Reference
     o Bank Account Number
     o Currency
     o Remittance Advice

  * Sales People
     o Salesperson Records
     o Salespeople Code
     o Salesperson Name, Telephone and Fax Numbers
     o Salesperson Commission Rates and Breakpoint

  * Sales Types / Price Lists
     o Sales Types / Price Lists
     o Sales Type Code
     o Sales Type Description

  * Payment Terms
     o Payment Terms
     o Payment Terms Code
     o Payment Terms Description
     o Days Before Due / Day In Following Month When Due

  * Credit Status
     o Credit Status Ratings
     o Status Code
     o Status Description
     o Disallow Invoices

  * Tax
     o Tax Calculations
     o Overview
     o Setting up Taxes
     o Sales only within one Tax Authority Example - 2 Tax Levels:
     o Sales only within one Tax Authority Example - 3 Tax Levels:
     o Sales Within Two Tax Authorities Example - 3 Tax Levels:

  * Prices and Discounts
     o Prices and Discounts
     o Pricing Overview
     o Maintaining Prices
     o Discount Matrix

  * Accounts Receivable Transactions
     o Invoicing An Order
     o Selecting an Order To Invoice
     o Producing An Invoice From A Selected Order
     o Credit Memos
     o Entry Of Receipts
     o Receipts - Customer
     o Receipts - Date
     o Receipts - Currency and Exchange Rate
     o Receipts - Payment Method
     o Receipts - Amount
     o Receipts - Discount
     o Receipts - Allocating to Invoices
     o Differences on Exchange
     o Receipts Processing
     o Deposits Listing
     o Allocate Credits To A Customer's Account

  * Accounts Receivable Inquiries
     o Customer Inquiries
     o Customer Account inquiries
     o Transaction Detail inquiries

  * Accounts Receivable Reports
     o Customers - Reporting
     o Aged Customer Balance Listing
     o Customer Statements
     o Customer Transaction Listing Options
     o Printing Invoices Or Credit Memos

  * Sales Analysis
     o Sales Analysis
     o Sales Analysis Report Headers
     o Sales Analysis Report Columns
     o Automating Sales Reports

  * Sales Orders
     o Sales Orders
     o Sales Order Functionality
     o Entry of Sales Orders
     o Sales Orders - Selection of the Customer and Branch
     o Selection of Order Line Items
     o Delivery Details
     o Modfiying An Order
     o Quotations
     o Recurring Orders

  * Shipments
     o Shipments
     o Shipment General Ledger Posting
     o Creating Shipments
     o Shipment Costings
     o Closing a Shipment

  * Manufacturing
     o Manufacturing Overview
     o General Ledger Implications
     o Work Order Entry
     o Work Order Receipts
     o Work Order Issues
     o Closing Work Orders

  * General Ledger
     o General Ledger Overview
     o Account Groups
     o Bank Accounts
     o Bank Account Payments
     o General Ledger Integration Setup
     o Sales Journals
     o Stock Journals
     o EDI
     o EDI Setup
     o Sending EDI Invoices

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