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AppliedERP Frequently Asked Questions


About Us

Q: Who are you?

AppliedERP is a pretty darn good IT consulting company started by Daniel Lee, IBM and PeopleSoft/Oracle alum.

Q: Why are your fees so low?

I expect to be profitable by year 3000. Seriously... because I can.

Sales Process

Q: Can I get a free demo of the software?

Yes, it's open source.

Q: Can I buy the soruce code?

No. It's open source.


Q: Is AppliedERP 100% web based?

Yes. AppliedERP is 100% web-based ERP solution. It uses open source PHP, MySQL database on Linux Apache or Windows IIS. I got it to work on AWS cloud also. AppliedERP works over secured internet connection so that you can access your data from any location. Its only requirements are standard browsers and internet.

Q: What are the system requirements?

You will need a standard high speed internet connection and Internet Explorer or Firefox. You do not need any servers or any backup devices.

Q: How do I get upgrades?

When there is a new release, yes.


Q: How do I know if my data is secure?

Your data is hosted in an enterprise class, secure 3rd party data center which is monitored 24x7x365.

Q: Do I own my data?

Yes, absolutely. Your data are yours. The contracts are explicit that your data is your proprietary and confidential property.

Data Conversion/Migration

Q: What kind of training do you offer?

There is a free documentation you can self-study. If you need further training, there is a for-fee consulting service.

Q: How does data conversion work?

Data from your legacy system will be imported to MySQL.

Q: Can you transfer data from other ERP?

Yes, I have successfully converted data from many legacy softwares. I offer the highest quality data conversions and the clients have been extremely happy with the results.

Technical Support

Q: Is there anything you can't do?


Q: Why do you charge for consulting?

I enjoy providing quality customer service.


Q: How do I know my exact costs for AppliedERP?

The license is open source. Any for-fee consulting costs such as training, data conversion and migration, if any are extra.

Q: How long is my commitment?

You can use month to month. No annual contracts are required.

Q: How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel at any time simply by stop using it.

Q: How do offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, within first 30 days after the sign up date you may cancel your account and request a full refund.

    AppliedERP GoGREEN Calculator

We promote the green economy to improve our communities. 

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